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We offer cutting-edge Information Technology products, services, and training, with a focus on facilitating business transformation, optimization, and seamless operation of IT portfolios. Utilizing innovative solutions, we empower businesses to enhance their technological capabilities, aiming to minimize disruption and achieve cost-effectiveness.

Our objective is to assist businesses in transforming their IT portfolios, which may involve modernization efforts, adopting emerging technologies, or streamlining existing systems for improved efficiency. Our product offerings encompass advanced data management and software solutions, cloud deployments, and integrated systems design tools, all aligned with industry best practices. Our services cover data management, enterprise architecture, legacy modernization consultancy, system integration, and support businesses in optimizing their existing IT infrastructure. The emphasis on conducting these transformations without disruption underscores our commitment to minimizing downtime during IT changes. This involves strategies such as phased implementations, robust change management practices, and ensuring compatibility with existing systems. Achieving these objectives at a low cost signifies our dedication to cost-effectiveness in our approach to our customers. This may include optimizing resource utilization, adopting open-source technologies, or providing scalable solutions that align with the budgetary constraints of businesses. Operating at the intersection of innovative and emerging IT solutions, cost-effectiveness, and seamless integration, we offer businesses a comprehensive suite of products, services, and training to evolve.

About Us

Past Performance:

  • USDA Data Migration

  • SSA Mainframe Optimization
  • IRS Enterprise Data Strategy
  • NFCU Data Management
  • DISA Portfolio Management
  • DOL EA Strategy

Company Data:

  • DUNS UEI: 800751112
  • CAGE: 4T9P5
  • SBA 8(a), EDWOSB, Virginia SWaM


  • Unlock data swiftly with NISKARSH products
  • Patent pending NISHKARSH technology
  • Full IT support: Legacy to Cloud
  • Prime past performance
  • Best in class GWAC holder
  • AFCEA Corporate Member



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